All about the sun: Shade, UV and Vitamin D


Shade is one of the easiest ways to protect yourself from the sun. Using shade can reduce your UV exposure by up to 75%!

Guidelines to Shade (PDF 4MB)

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UV Radiation:

UV radiation cannot be felt or seen, so it’s possible for the sun to damage your skin even on cool or overcast days.  Download our UV resources to plan when to schedule outdoor activities. In NSW, UV levels are high enough (i.e. UV index 3 or above) to damage unprotected skin most months of the year.


What is UV Radiation

UV Alert Poster (PDF 233KB)

Protect Yourself from UV From and To poster (PDF 90KB)

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UV and Weather Chart


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Vitamin D:

When the UV Index is 3 or above, most people maintain adequate Vitamin D levels just by spending a few minutes outdoors on most days of the week.


About Vitamin D

Vitamin D and sun protection (PDF 296KB)

How much Vitamin D do we need?

How much sun is enough infographic (PDF 684KB)

How much sun do we need for vitamin D brochure (PDF 497KB)


External sources:

Melanoma Institute Australia

Australian Bureau of Meteorology (UV index information) 

Australasian College of Dermatologists

WHO: Sun Protection

Becoming a SunSmart Educator

Generation SunSmart is an eLearning site that contains modules around skin cancer, being SunSmart and sun protection strategies. They can be completed at your own pace and revisited at any time. Complete all the modules to receive a Generation SunSmart certificate!  

Generation SunSmart (eLearning site)

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