Scheduling Outdoor Activities

Sun protection is needed when UV is 3 or above.

Use these tools to know when sun protection is needed in your local area:  

Understanding UV radiation (website)  

UV widget(code to add to your website)  

SunSmart Global UV App(App)  

Today you need sun protection poster (PDF, 745 kB)

Extension activity for ‘Today you need sun protection’ poster

SunSmart tips for outdoor events factsheet (PDF)
Think UV not heat flyer (PDF, 106kB)
SAMPLE Letter to parents, excursions (PDF, 120kB) A letter to parents explaining what sun protection practices have been organised for an excursion.



Shade is one of the easiest ways to protect yourself from the sun. Using shade can reduce your UV exposure by up to 75%!

Shade Advocacy Toolkit  (PDF, 700kB)
Shade: A planning and design priority  (PDF, 304kB)
Guidelines to Shade (PDF, 4MB)
Case study: How schools, councils, community groups and sport organisations created shade (PDF, 901KB)

Additional information:

Seeking shade (webpage) 

Cancer Institute NSW Shade and UV protection (webpage) 


A sun smart hat is a simple, visual way to protect your face, head, neck and ears from UV radiation. 

SunSmart Hat Wearing Toolkit 

The SunSmart Hat Wearing Toolkit had been designed to assist primary schools improve sun smart hat wearing. Resources can also be used by early childhood education and care services and out of school hours services.

What is a SunSmart Hat? (PDF, 359 KB) 

SunSmart Hat Examples

Additional information:  

Sun smart hats (webpage) 


Clothing is a physical barrier between your skin and UV radiation. It is one of the easiest and most effective ways to protect your skin from the sun; unlike sunscreen, it can’t be wiped or washed off!

Clothing (webpage)


Sunscreen reduces the amount of UV radiation reaching your skin by providing a barrier to absorb or filter UV rays away from your skin, preventing damage to the cells below.

How to use sunscreen correctly (video) 
Correct sunscreen application (poster)

Additional Information: 

Sunscreen (webpage) 


Babies’ clothing, hat and shade positioning are checked regularly to ensure they continue to be well protected from UV. The use of sunscreen on babies under 6 months is not recommended due to their sensitive skin.

Sun protection for babies and toddler brochure

Sun protection for babies and toddlers (PDF)

Sun Protection for babies and toddlers info sheet

Sun protection for babies and toddlers info sheet (PDF)


Additional Information:

Babies and children (webpage)


Combining sunglasses and a sun-safe hat can reduce UV radiation from reaching your eyes by up to 98%. 

Protecting your eyes from the sun (webpage) 

Role modelling of staff

Sun safety is everyone’s responsibility. By being role models ourselves and leading the way with our own sun safety, we can inspire our children to be sun smart when they step outside.

Teachers wear many hats (PDF, 297kB)
SunSmart behaviours at school (PDF, 1 MB)

PowerPoint presentation with notestargeted at teachers. Contact SunSmart to request the PowerPoint version. 


Curriculum/ Education


Generation SunSmart(e-learning module)   


Videos and songs:

Slip Slop Slap Seek and Slide – Sid the Seagull Video (video)

SunSmart Countdown (song)

You’ve Gotta be SunSmart (song)

5 SunSmart tips (video)

When UV is 3 or above be SunSmart (video)

Is windburn real or a myth (video)

Sun Days Fun Days (video)

Don’t let the sun see your DNA (video)

Posters and PowerPoint Presentations:

Protect yourself in five ways (poster, PDF184KB)

Are you SunSmart? (bookmark, PDF118KB)
The truth about UV rays (PDF, 167kB)

Facts and myths education poster about ultra-violet (UV) radiation, targeted at K – 6 students with extension activities.

Today you need sun protection (PDF, 745kB)

Education poster targeted at K – 6 students with extension activities.

Being SunSmart at school (PDF, 646kB)

PowerPoint presentation with notes targeted at K – 6 students. Contact SunSmart to request the PowerPoint version.

Curriculum and classroom activities:

SunSmart leadership activities (PDF, 175kB)
Quick SunSmart activities (PDF, 203kB)
SunSmart Sun Catcher (PDF, 255KB)

Cancer Institute NSW Sun and UV at School resources Developed in consultation with Cancer Council NSW, the Cancer Institute NSW has released a suite of interactive skin cancer prevention resources for NSW schools which support students to make healthy, safe and proactive choice about sun protection to reduce their risk of skin cancer.

The evidence-based resources were developed to align with the objectives, content, skills and outcomes of the NSW PDHPE and Science K-10 syllabuses. To access these new resources, visit the Sun and UV at School website.

Informing the community and policy availability


Take home resources:

10 myths about sun protection (PDF, 2MB)
How much sun is enough? (PDF, 498kB)
How to create good sun protection habits (PDF, 417kB)
What do I need to take to school? (PDF, 47kB)
My morning checklist (PDF,47kB)

Resources to use at your school or service:

Sun safety and the school uniform (PDF, 719kB)

PowerPoint presentation with notes targeted at parents/carers. Contact SunSmart to request the PowerPoint version.

Sourcing funding for SunSmart hats (PDF, 493kB)

PowerPoint presentation with notes targeted at key funding groups, such as P&C committees. Contact SunSmart to request the PowerPoint version

We are proudly SunSmart (PDF,135kB)
SunSmart communications (PDF)  Information to include in your newsletter
SAMPLE Letter to parents, SunSmart policy (PDF, 121kB) A letter to parents explaining why you are a SunSmart School.


Additional information:

Melanoma Institute Australia

Australian Bureau of Meteorology (UV index information) 

Australasian College of Dermatologists

WHO: Sun Protection

Sun protection at the snow (webpage)

Sunburn, tanning and solariums (webpage)